My Drug Update

Shooting is officially done for “My Drug”! We had to rush to get everything in yesterday before our flight back to Cali, but it was worth it. The video will be hitting this site, YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, and any other media outlet that’s willing to distribute the video, so stay tuned! Now back to the editing lab…



Whew! 9 hours of shooting (including lunch) and we’re done with day one…another 30 min or so later this week and it’ll be a wrap.

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New Job!

We’ve just been hired to do a marketing video for LGN Fitness’ newest product, the FT-101. Although it’s just a product to try to recruit investors, it’ll be a good opportunity for us to try a new genre of video. In any case it should be fun and we’ll post it on our site when it’s done. Stay tuned!


New and Improved Website and Project Update

Welcome to our new and improved website, powered by WordPress! We finally had to give in as our web programming skills proved to be subpar, ha.

In other news, we have completed two out of four planned shooting days for our latest project, “My Drug”. It’s the video for an upcoming single by Charizma Davinci and Priest. Unfortunately, days three and four are scheduled for Memorial Day weekend with an expected release date of June 15th, so stay tuned!


New Music Video

Our latest project, a music video for the track “The Music of Erich Zann”, is complete and up on YouTube and making its rounds on television! Check it out below or on our “Music Videos” page. The song is from rising indie hip hop group Raw Data.