What We Want to Be

The Details

Featuring the poetry of SION, the photography of Mark Seawell, and the music of Zoe Lakota Baldwin, What We Want To Be is about artists and their motivation to create.

SION has been performing since 2007, and has been featured at numerous poetry events in Orlando, Providence, London, Kuala Lumpur, Jerusalem, Vienna and Germany. He is also the host of Soul Sophistication, a monthly open mic event at Ramstein Air Base. Mark Seawell is an international award-winning landscape photographer whose work has been showcased by National Geographic, Outdoor Photographer Magazine, Luminance Landscape and Imaging Resource, and Google’s Nik Collection.

Learn more about SION at sionpoetry.com
Learn more about Mark at msphotoworld.com
Learn more about Zoe at zoewren.com

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